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Polls - have your say

Having dispensed with the site update section ( I never filled it in anyway and tend to report site updates in the news anyway), I've now added a polls section. In here will be all sorts of polls about many different facets of turntablism but with a leaning towards technology issues. Some of these will be just for a laugh but others will hopefully help shape skratchworx in 2004.

There is one big difference with these polls - you can add comments as well. But as with any good poll system, your IP is logged so you should only be able to vote once. Have a go and report back any issues you find.

Battles - do you enter?

Do you play out?

Some are born to battle, others simply to watch. Which are you?

Confirmed bedroom DJ or glory seeking club resident?

Carts - what's your choice?

Tone Arms - straight, S or other?

Shure seems to rule the roost but what's the real picture? The Technics and it's S arm continue to be popular, but other arms are available. What's your choice?

Crossfader Adjustment

Fader Reverses

Do you want a standard fader or the ability to tweak the hell out of it? Reverses on all faders yes or no?

EQ Kills

EQ Knobs or faders?

A mixer is judged well if it's EQ's kill. Is that a necessity for you? With a few notable exceptions, pretty much all mixers have EQ knobs. But what do you like?