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Yes - yet another links page. Hopefully, this one will be full of quality links that aren't dead. If you feel that a particular link should appear on this page, drop me a line and I'll have a look at including it.

Right now, the links are in no particular order or category. As I get round to it, I'll break it down a little more. Not much right now, but now I've started it, I can add to it.
Home of the world's leading turntablist competition. Includes an online store and forum.
Home to the mighty empire built by Yogafrog and QBert.
QBert also has his own site that also includes the SES forum.
Site for the only online turntablism web monthly radio show.
Needleworks is the premier open deck night for skratch DJ's in the UK.
Emerging site from the UK for turntablism and DnB.
Extremely useful site dedication to all aspects of turntablism.
Established turntablist site - now with added "Tools of the trade" hardware section.
Homepage of the ever expanding international crew. And also a portal to the online battle - WSTC.
Outstanding Swedish site with a whole load of audio and footage. Sadly, you'll have to learn Swedish to get the most from the site.
Excellent UK based site covering all aspects of DJ Culture. Often getting scoops before anyone else.
Home of DJ Flipside, maker of "Breakers Yard Breaks". I urge you to check them out.
Check out this growing site, dedicated to Hip Hop culture.
Homepage of our very own DJ Woody, 2 times world champion.
A new resource for turntablists.
Upload/download DJ sets.
DJ Skilz reps American Audio and Thud Rumble. Check out his site.
Another fine turntbalism site and home to Mixkings Radio