all about skratchworx


Sorry, but there are no plans for a forum at this time.

For those of you who are involved in making web sites, you'll understand that is a big undertaking and to be honest, there's no spare time to worry about whether people are playing nice in a forum. My aim is to make the site more interactive so one may appear.

There are however loads of forums out there already servicing turntablism. A few of my favourites are listed below.

The first forum I ever visited (for obvious reasons) and a regular haunt for some of the world's premier skratch dj's. Go here to find out the very latest information on the DMC events. You'll generally find me there too.

Brand new forum run by Skratch Alienz. Hoping to become a forum with serious talk and serious laughing and with a preoccupation for anal probing. The truth is apparently "up there". Ewww....

Quality forum for anything do do with DJ production and technology.

A really cool forum run by André over at Sure-shots records in Guernsey.

Major stateside forum run by Nicks. Check out the whole site as it's a quality tablist resource.

From the smouldering embers of, comes a forum frequented by the major names of the UK scene. Don't forget your Tricorn...

Another community from the UK, but frequented by people from all over the world. And it has a shoutbox as well.