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Let's get this straight - skratchworx isn't a hip hop site so you won't see reviews of 50 Cent or any other hip hop artist - unless they bring out some tablist specific battle weapon. What you will see is a growing and comprehensive list of battle weapons or DJ tools. Also thrown into the mix for good measure will be mixtapes.

Arguments have raged for years about whether battle weapons are good or bad for the tablist artform. It's more than fair to say that if they didn't exist, battles would be a different event to what they are now.

There are obvious leaders in this genre - DJ Rectangle, Ducks breaks series from Dirtstyle, Qberts various battle vinyl offerings etc. But there are many other battle weapons coming out all the time.

This list can only grow with your help. I can't afford to buy every bit of battle vinyl that comes out - I'll review what I do buy but if you want your products listed here, send me a mail and we'll work something out.

Favourite Breaks - From Baby Cee from the Phonographerz Crew, Houston, Texas.

A quick history...

"Basically the Phonographerz Crew was started in 2001, but all of us have been dj-ing/battling since way back.  We are in the process of getting our website up, and it will have a full crew bio and individual bios on it too.  But here is some brief info for the time being....

Baby Cee: started dj-ing/skratching in the early 80's (damn, am I that old???!!!)  Won 1st battle in 1988, did major market radio from 93 until 96, when the corporates decided to replace hiphop with r&b slow jams.  Continued to battle and spin at events solo until deciding to form the Phonographerz Crew with Cozmos in 2001.

Cozmos:  battle veteran of the crew (he has the most titles in the crew) He's also been on the cut since the mid 80's.  He competed solo in battles throughout the 90's and hooked up with Baby Cee in 2001 to form Phonographerz.  *Also a very talented beat producer with several productions to his credit!!!

SupaDave:  our answer to Qbert....he is an incredible skratcher!!!!!  Been on the cut since 1990, and hasn't let up since.   He also is a great party-rocker, and a musical equipment specialist.  This fool can fix anything........

D.L.:  The party-rockin', mix-trick guy of the crew.  He has a college radio show every Tuesday nite here in Houston, and is the beer guru of the crew.   A computer genius, who is currently working on our website, and has some insanely fast crab skratches!!!!"

The Breaks

As far a breaks go, I love the classics - "Dance to the Drummer's Beat", "Rockit in the Pocket", "Apache", "Substitution", etc....  Also joints like "Funky like a mosquito's tweeter", "Memphis soul stew"(i think that's the name of it). Anything with a funky-ass break in it that the B-Boys can do their thing to!!!
Scratch break wise, the ones our crew uses the most are:

Superseal by Dirtstyle
The ultimate record for skratchin'!!!! There isn't a better one out there!!!

SuperDuck Breaks (original) by Stones Throw
What else can be said about this?!!!!  Anyone who skratches should own this!!!!

Gambling Pete vol.1 by the BeatJunkies

Excellent beats to skratch to and juggle with!!! Also 2 very good skratch sentences.

GagBall Breaks by Dirtstyle
Just like SuperDuck, this is a classic!!!! You should have this!!!!!

Squatch Fetishes of the 3rd Kind by Dirtstyle
Very different, but very useful!!!!  All around battle usage here!!!

Deluxe Shampoo Breaks by Dirtstyle
Has everything you could ask for on it!!!!! Definitely one to keep in the crate!!!!
Baby Cee
Phonographerz Crew