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Numark CDX

Numark do it again - release a product challenges conventions.

More info when it arrives but a link to some further info here. Check out the movie as well.

At the time of writing, it's called a CDX, not CDX1 as reported everywhere else. Check below for clarification.

From the press release:

Numark debuts the CDX, a tabletop CD player with an ultra-high torque motorized 12” platter that holds a vinyl record for the ultimate in vinyl scratch feel. Styled after Numark’s flagship TTX1 turntable, the CDX features an industry maximum 4.5kg/cm torque direct drive motor, aluminum platter, dual "battle-style" controls, and forward/reverse toggle. In addition, there is a superior VFD display, full MP3 compatibility, slot-load CD transport, and extensive DSP functionality.

The CDX has several modes for scratching and looping, including auto beat matching and smart looping, which uses the Beatkeeper™ to make perfect loops every time. There is extensive cue store/recall with multiple sets for each CD. The CDX also incorporates many beat-synched digital FX such as sonar, slide, filter, echo, and chop. Effects can be manipulated with a separate control wheel interface. The CDX offers a pitch slider programmable up to ±100% pitch control, as well as a high-quality, 100% key lock.

The CDX is fully MP3 compatible. All functions—like scratching and looping—that can be done with regular CDs also work with MP3s. MP3 song titles appear on the CDX’s VFD matrix display. Extremely detailed and bright, the VFD display can be toggled among four modes to provide much detailed information, including BPM, time, cue points, and advanced wave display. The CDX features a fast, slot-load CD transport, and music can continue playing from the internal buffer even after the CD is ejected.

Numark CEO John E. "Jack" O’Donnell commented: “To say that the CDX ‘emulates’ a turntable is not quite accurate: mechanically, the CDX is a turntable. With the highest torque direct drive motor out there, a full size platter, and TTX turntable styling and control, the CDX feels as close as it gets to working with a record while using a CD. For the professional DJ who enjoys the convenience of CD and MP3, while also desiring the feel of working with vinyl records, there is no longer a need for compromise.”