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The best place to find out the info you need is straight from the source. I could go into great detail and lift information from the manufacturer's sites to fatten up skratchworx but that isn't what it's about. The aim of skratchworx is to provide you with the best and fullest information in the quickest way possible.

This section is broken down alphabetically by manufacturer. Each entry shows the company logo with full links to their home page. Listed below each logo is a list of products made by the particular manufacturer that skratchworx feels is suited to skratch djing.


This information has been gathered from various sources. If you feel that you have products that should be represented on these pages, or have found some glaring errors, send a mail and I'll fix it.

Allen & Heath

A wide range of products for all types of dj's - but only one serious contender for skratch dj's - the Xone 02. And it's a good one as well.


Citronic have been around for a while a produce a wide range of DJ equipment. But for the skratch dj, their range only holds 2 products of interest - the new PD-45 turntable and the digital/mp3 solution D-Vinyl2020.


Not normally known for their skratch dj gear - Denon took the cdj scene by storm with their jaw droppingly cool DN-S5000 CD skratch deck. And now it has a baby brother - the DN-S3000.


Ecler make a whole range of products for music professionals. But it's their mixers we're interested in. The HAK 360 is the generally considered to the mixer of choice right now for the serious tablist who doesn't have bottomless pockets.


Gemini have been making and supplying dj gear for many years now and continue to produce a wide range of equipment for all styles of djing. Only a small range for skratch dj's though.


Numark Homepage

Purveyors of the TTX1 and currently bringing out some of the finest boundary pushing equipment around. Numark provide one of the widest ranges of equipment for dj's of all styles.


Ortofon Homepage

Ortofon specialise in dj cartridges. While generally known for their club dj products, Ortofon also make some quality skratch dj carts as well.


Pioneer Pro DJ

We're all aware of Pioneer's home electronic range but they also make some fine DJ gear - notably the CDJ-1000 and it's baby brother the CDJ-800.


Not a wide range for skratch dj's, but Rane do produce arguably the best mixer available - the TTM 56.


Shure Homepage
Needlz Homepage

The Shure 44-7 is the acknowledged leader of the pack for skratch djs. Check out the needlz site for some heavy technical info about cartridges and needles.


Stanton have carved a name for themselves over the years with a wide range of DJ products. From the old school 500 cartridge right up to FInal Scratch, Stanton continue to produce gear with the scratch dj in mind.


Not normally known for their skratch mixers, TASCAM brought out their XS range, 2 of which bear a remarkable resemblance to Ecler's HAK range. This is mainly to the fact that Ecler make them for TASCAM, with minor improvements. So why aren't they more popular?


20+ years and still ruling the roost with it's SL-1200 deck. Small improvements over the years have seen the deck recently be upgraded to the MK5 and MK5G models. Sponsors of the world's largest DJ battle competition, the DMC World DJ championship.

Vestax Corporation

Based in Japan, Vestax continue to offer a real challenge to Technics' dominance with skratch dj's. Currently developing innovative new products in conjunction with world renowned skratch dj's Qbert and Yogafrog.


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