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So you've done your research into the ideal gear for you - the next step is to buy it. There are many places to get the hardware from - online, mail order and high street dealers being the main places. If you know exactly what you want then online and mail order would suit your needs but if you still feel the need to test drive the required hardware, a visit to the showroom is in order. FInd one in your area in the listing below.

UK Based

419 London Road (A30)
GU15 3HZ
Sale Hotline 01276 20007
Online -

Split into 2 sites (DJ and Record), SkratchUK aims to bring you the latest and best prices for all your turntablist equpment needs. A wide range of hardware is always available as well as a comprehensive selection of hip hop, DnB, Funk and battle vinyl. Videos, DVD's and clothing are available as well.

You can buy online or over the phone and all orders over £100 have free insurance. Keep checking the site for new arrivals and one-off special offers.

Contact Onion or Dixie 01276 20007 for a quote.

Buying advice

Shop around. Bearing in mind the kind of money you're likely to be spending, deals can be cut. The price shown in the advert or on the website isn't usually the price you pay. Provided you can prove the price you've been quoted to another dealer, you'd be surprised at just how much may be cut from the original quoted price. You don't know the particular circumstances for a particular dealer - they may have overstocked on a particular product and need to shift some boxes quickly. In my case, a pair of Numark TTX1's, a Rane TTM56 and Shure 44-7's listed at £1450. Eventually, after a couple of hours of email ping pong between 2 dealers, the price dropped to £1190 with a free face plate thrown in for the Rane.

Next - seek advice from others who have used particular dealers. Everyone has their own experiences - good and bad. Ask people you know and log into some of the forums listed here.

Message to dealers reading this

If you want your store listed below, drop a line to skratchworx and I'll contact you to work out the details of your listing.


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