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First thing to say is that this site is very much under construction.While it is going live September 2003, there's waaaay more work to do than I could have imagined - mainly down to giving the products much more info that I had originally planned. Makes the site much better but obviously adds to the workload. Still - seems a shame to keep it under wraps for much longer and the core of the site works fine.

Once launched, I'll keep updating the site update section so you can see the progress.

what is skratchworx all about?

Essentially, the aim is to provide a one-stop shop for the very latest news and reviews regarding anything skratch dj gear-wise.

After an extended absence from the skratch dj scene (14 years to be exact), I set about researching the available options. Surely things have moved on from Technics 1200's ruling the scene... or so I thought.

Thanks to the information superhighway, I soon found myself neck-deep in snippets of reviews in far flung corners of the web. So I got to thinking - wouldn't it be cool if there was one place people could visit to get the latest information on the gear they want? Hopefully, is going to be that place.

who is it aimed at?

I think it's aimed at 2 distinct groups. The first of these is where I place myself - beginners. Despite the number of years in the game, I've come back to it fresh and relatively knowledge-free and place myself in this category. Part of the reason for doing this site is so I can gain the knowledge to keep up with the real players.

The next group would be everyone else who has an interest in the skratch dj scene. There will be a strong bias towards new and progressive technologies as I'm a firm believer in moving things forward. You don't have to be down with the tablist scene to get what you need from skratchworx - anyone with a desire to skratch will benefit from a regular visit.

what can you expect to see in the coming months?

You'll notice that the navigation bar gives quick links to all types of dj equipment. Also to be included (and this will be a growing list) will be a dealer, manufacturer and record store directory. You'll appreciate that gathering this volume of info together is very much a long term project so expect it to grow.

Enjoy your visit to and keep coming back for the latest info.



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