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Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones
Reviewer: Gizmo • Date: May 2010 • Price: £129/$239/€189 • Link: Ultrasone

Ultrasone make nothing but headphones, thus you would expect them to nail it without issue. And upon opening and using this pair of DJ1 Pros, it shows that they know exactly what they're doing.

In The Box: A ridiculous amount. The box houses a large hard case which in turn keeps the 2 cables (one with balance and mono control) and 2 sets soft ear pieces as well as a CD full of suitably high quality driver testing music. Awesome.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro headphone review

Weeelll… they generally look like a lot of other headphones to a degree, but the very large slightly pearlescent cups might not work well for some. But trust me when I say the large cups really help the sound.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones review

Build Quality:
Bearing in mind that Ultrasone use much the same components in a wide range of their products, I'm fairly sure that these common elements are tried and tested for quality. The headband is sturdy enough and the DJ1 Pros generally feel solid. The ear pieces are large, soft and luxuriant, but thankfully you get spares so should the softness not bear up then you can replace them.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones review

Sound Quality:
Ultrasone have clearly worked hard to bring some serious audio magic to these cans and have incorporated their S-Logic technology. It's all to do with the way the sound is delivered to your ear and how much pressure is needed to achieve optimum sound.

I don't pretend to know or care how it works - all I can say is that the result is amazing. The DJ1 Pros deliver a beautiful sound, rich in low end as well as clarity across the rest of the spectrum. Indeed when cranked, these messed with my head and eyes so bad, but with the same clarity as if listening at lower volumes. Awesome.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones review

Really good. The large soft closed cups sit nicely over my ears and sucker to my head, ensuring a really closed fit.

Comfort and Stability: Again, these large closed cups make a real difference when trying to keep them on your head. And despite the size, they also work equally well for one ear, as well as wedged on your shoulder.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones review

The large cup does mean that they don't fold down quite as small as other, but the hard case does mean that they'll fit somewhere in your DJ life and remain safe and sound.

Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones review

Value for money:
They are higher up the price ladder than the rest, but the quality speaks for itself. The audio quality is phenomenal - great for studio and DJ work, and the provided spares and hard case makes the DJ1 Pros a solid purchase.


The obvious wow factor here is the sheer amount of stuf that you get with the Ultrasones. But the package goes much deeper than that, and offers sound and build quality along with a serious scoop of comfort. The looks are an acquired taste I guess, but you're not going to lose gigs because of the pearly white cups.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan, and these will become a semi-permanent fixture on my head while builders tear my house apart during the summer.

Hype: Sound quality - the supplied package.
Gripe: Looks, but that's a personal preference.

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