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Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphones
Reviewer: Gizmo • Date: May 2010 • Price: £69/$99/€139 • Link: Stanton

Coming in at the top end (even at the budget price) of Stantons's DJ range are the DJ Pro 3000s. They're much like many of the others in this group test, but do have some idiosyncrasies that might be of interest to some. Or not.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

In The Box:
When I say box, I mean blister pack plastic, complete with battery driven flashy LEDs. More on those later. But in this pack, you get a removable cable with an angled 1/4" jack (very much like the 2000s) and a nice pouch.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

Much like the others, but having a nicely rounded feel in your hand. They're more Silver than anything with a deep bluey grey headband. Oh and flashing LEDs… wait - it's not as bad as it sounds. Included in the 3000s are Blue battery powered LEDs that flash with the peaks of your music. I found the flashing to be with the bass drum when at a normal listening volume, so expect then to be flashing all the time at DJ volumes. But you can switch them off too.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

Build Quality:
There's a certain quality to these headphones. While constructionally they seem to be very similar to the rest of the group, they feel like they've been put together with tighter tolerances, making for a rattle and creak free build. And the smoother finish simply adds to the overall quality. They may still break at the hinges for all I know, but they don't feel like they will.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

Sound Quality:
On the whole, I'd say good. While they do have a solid bass response, it's a little too bright at the top end, leaving a hollow in the middle. Don't get me wrong, they're more than good enough for DJing, but I think you guys are looking for detail.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

But one thing that the 3000s have that none of the others do (apart from the LEDs) is a filter switch. Odd huh? Well this switch essentially turns on either a low or high pass filter. I find the low pass to just take a tad off the top end, but the high pass scoops just about everything out bar the top end. I've never felt the need for such a feature, but can see the uses, if few and far between.

I do however lament the lack of mono switch, as found on the lesser 2000s.

Isolation: I say OK. It's a long way from a total noise block (none of them are), but I can still happily mix while my monitors pump out a lot of noise. But they do let a lot of noise out. Combine this with the flashy LED, the person sat next to you on the bus will most likely punch you in the face.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

Comfort and Stability:
Very good actually. They seem to withstand a fair amount of head nodding with 1 and 2 ears, as seem to stay happily on your shoulder as well. And although the pads aren't the softest or deepest in the test, I found myself very happy to leave these on for extended periods.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

The same as all the others of this sort - open up wide and push into the headband. But with the cord being removable, I guess you could make them last a little longer by removing rather than wrapping around the cans.

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphone review

Value for money:
Very high indeed. Having a street price of less than £70, for me these are up there with others of this type. And given that they have a removable cord, they should last longer than others.


Stanton's headphones do offer remarkable value for money, as well as giving their own twist on the established ways. I like the slightly rounder styling as well as the ability to change the cable. The filters and flashing LED are perhaps unnecessary chaff that may or may not find a place in your heart. But overall, the DJ Pro 3000s are highly capable headphones and well worth a look.

Hype: Build - price - comfort
Gripe: Would prefer minijack - lack of mono switch

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