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Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones
Reviewer: Gizmo • Date: May 2010 • Price: £109/$150/€129 • Link: Shure

Shure have a history of being purveyors of cart technology for DJs, but not really for headphones - until now. The 750DJs are Shure's grab for the ears of the discerning DJs around the globe, and haven't fallen far from the safe design zone. But there are some useful differences that sets then a little apart from the rabble.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

In The Box:
Removable cable, adaptor and pouch, as well as a spare set of pads which is a nice touch.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

Aesthetically, the 750DJs are distinct - sharper edges and a goldish hue. For me though, this is slightly spoiled by the somewhat tap (or fawcet) like red and blue left/right indicators. Above all, they look like a quality item and will doubtlessly garner comments in a sea of also-rans.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

Build Quality:
While not appearing to be that much different to other headphones, they feel like some time has been spent to at least make then feel like money well spent. It's the joints where you feel the difference - random bending yields little that would make you think they'd break in a hurry, and indeed they're flexible enough to withstand some rough treatment. And with removable ear pieces and cables, repairs are a doddle.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

Sound Quality:
At quieter volumes, the 50mm drivers sound quite ordinary, but when cranked up you begin to appreciate the quality. Suddenly the bass kicks in and gives your head a proper shake. With volume anything above 50%, things began to get a little messy inside my head - real spinny eye territory.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

Very good indeed. In silence, the isolation is average, but when used in a noisy environment, the sound in your ear is still very clear. They keeps a lot of noise out, and for the person sat next to you on the train, they do a reasonable job of keeping it in too.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

Comfort and Stability:
Aside from being ridiculously small (I need them on full extension), they have a tight but comfortable grip, if a little hard on top of my head. They're fairly light, take quite a bit to shake them off and have no awkwardness when wedged between my head and shoulder. I certainly didn't feel the need to take them off in a hurry.

Shure SRH750DJ headphone review

The 750DJs fold down pretty small. Will easily fit into a corner of your DJ bag.

Value for money:
Pitched at the mid range, the SRH-750DJs offer great sound, quality and looks. They're likely to last due to the construction and availablility of spares too.


It's nice to see that Shure are active in the DJ scene again. Having legendary status thanks to the M447 cart, it's quite possible that the SRH750DJs may also become equally iconic. The quality is certainly there, but it's the size that worries me a tad. That's more for you and your head to check out first. But assuming they fit, the SRH750DJs are a safe purchase.

Hype: Build and audio quality - repairability
Gripe: Too damned small - those Red and Blue indicators.

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