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The Rane Fest Big Bloody Prize Giveaway!

Sponsored by the following really nice people:

Rane Sapphires Rane  

Ortofon  Thud Rumble  überstant litlab  Gigskinz
SeratoProject VoidfillSennheiser

Let's face facts - this is the reason why you're even reading the Rane Fest right? Just the chance of getting some goodies more than anything else. But this isn't the usual skratchworx competition - I've pulled out all the stops, twisted some arms and put together a prize that you're not likely to see anywhere else in a hurry.

One lucky winner will get a prize to be reckoned with, something that will give them the best part of the best DJ setup on the planet.

The main part of the prize is a spanking new TTM-56 from Rane themselves as a thanks for so much coverage. But out of the blue came with a full version of Serato Scratch Live. And it doesn't stop there - here's the full list:

• TTM-56 mixer from Rane
• SSL v1.6 from
• DJ Bag from Gigskinz
• HD25 headphones from Sennheiser UK
• Digitrack carts from Ortofon
• Laptop stand from Litlab
• Clear faceplate from Project Voidfill
• Breaktionary CDs from Thud Rumble


So now the tension builds as the entries are collated, scrutinised and then randomised so that a skratchworx reader can pick the winner at random. Good luck to all who entered!


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