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NAMM 2012: Serato Video demo
NAMM 2012: Serato Video demo
Posted by Gizmo on February 1, 2012 :

Serato video namm 2012 aroha

While I have a heap of NAMM footage to get through, I'm actually tired of seeing the same video that 10 other people shot. So I'm cherry picking the things that I don't think you'll see elsewhere. Just before NAMM, Serato announced Serato Video - the cross platform (well ITCH and SSL) plugin that brings video to ITCH controllers. Aroha from Serato braved the loud NAMM show floor to give us a quick walkthrough the real basics.

I've been lucky enough to get an early build of Serato Video and have been running it a little with a Novation Twitch. I'm sure it runs with my VCI-300 too, but I'm keen to exploit the more control surface rather than DJ way of using video. As so far, it's run very smoothly, and the slicer works like a charm, as do all 8 cue points.

Serato video namm 2012 aroha

I'm not familiar with Video-SL that this replaces. I was promised a review that never materialised, so I'll be throwing myself into it noob style to see what all the fuss is about once it drops properly. I can however report that it's heaps of fun. But what you see in these pictures is subject to change, as are the features.

More than that I'm forbidden by international law to say. I'll probably get into strife for posting these images. Just out of interest, do you see Jesse J or Q-Tip first? I see Q-Tip.

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8 comments to this story

On February 1, 2012, sinjintek said this:
i am actually regretting my recent Video-SL purchase. admittedly i was lured by the prospect that it would get a free upgrade to Serato Video and work for my Itch setups as well as Scratch Live...

...but to my horror i realized that my V7 decks (obviously) don't feature a mixer section and Itch won't allow use of ANY 3rd party MIDI devices. so i can only expect limited (at best) control over video cueing.. i'm sure they'll assign button on the V7 to do transitions, but even still we're talking about an extremly limited experience.

oh well, my loss. at least I can use my Zero4 with Scratch Live... but for now i've been keeping a DJ2GO over my 07 while i'm getting familiar with it.

so... have they said if this will be available starting March 1st?

On February 1, 2012, Phephiphophumb said this:
Is there much difference between serato video and video sl? To be fair serato better buck up there idea's, they hardly showed any interest in this product. I felt they should have offered free videos to download, or at least had some sort of page similar to whitelable.Where artist could promote video's textures to the masses..blah blah..

On February 2, 2012, thisisian said this:
If it's being demo'd in the video on an old polycarbonate Macbook. does that suggest that Serato video will work on a fairly modest machine?

I always understood you needed at least a 15" MacBook Pro with the seperate video card & that 13" Pro's or old MacBooks wouldn't be up to it.

On February 2, 2012, prevolt said this:
Serato has confirmed on their forum that there aren't any new features in Serato Video that Video SL didn't already have.

They're stressing that it was a complete rebuild, and that performance and updates will be much easier to manage now. We'll see. Their track record on the video side has been uncharacteristically sad.

And at this point, they have to open up external MIDI support for Itch. Enough already with that sad little distinction between it and Scratch Live.

On February 2, 2012, Saga said this:
Prevolt, unfortunately they can't open up Itch until they start charging for it. Since the software is free the only money they make is on licensing with hardware. I think this will happen in the near future with Serato Intro being basically a LE version which could be the free software bundled now.

On February 2, 2012, Maskrider said this:
March is around the corner.....This must be in heavy testing right now.

On February 4, 2012, qfour20 said this:
What I would love to see would be a license you can buy, maybe with a kit so they can tie it to hardware sales, that would allow you to feed data from crossfader and upfaders from popular mixers to make a pair of v7's useable with serato video. I love using my innofader equipped 07pro with my v7's as a portable rig. I would easily pay $100 or maybe more for a board that reads fader state and feeds it into itch to trigger transitions and such.

Or maybe this would be part of numark's next generation x5 mixer? I would hate to give up my favorite mixer though. :-(

If any manufacturers are reading, Elliot, make a mixer with the form factor like the 05pro or nuo2.0, but with official itch support and controls. And innofader compatible.


On February 5, 2012, selkie said this:
MIDI is coming to ITCH, they have already said it.

"Prevolt, unfortunately they can't open up Itch until they start charging for it."

No, you can use midi on ssl, and you don't "pay" for it neither...

(Man the security code is HARD)

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