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Sneak Peek of the new Vestax QFO Deck
Sneak Peek of the new Vestax QFO Deck
Posted by Gizmo on September 6, 2003 :

These images are apparently on the new Qbert DIY DVD vol 2 and landed in my inbox this morning... Shown as wooden mockup and rendered images, these give a real insight into what we're going to see tomorrow at PLASA. Thanks to Trick over at for giving me the balls to post them.

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5 comments to this story

On October 17, 2003, Kap`n KuTT said this:
Holy Shit!
i want it!
i love it!

o_O dont tell me they put the new pdx engine into the QFO!
i heard the engin of the newer pdx TTs dies alot

On October 17, 2003, Gizmo said this:
Check out the most recent pictures of the QFO from PLASA here.

There seems to be a negative feeling in the community - I think because of it's radical design. Personally I welcome new concepts and this one seems to have everything a tablist needs. It just needs Qbert to show us how it works and then people might open their minds a little more to it.

On October 27, 2003, dj "krispy"% said this:
i think the qfo is a piece of art... I believe that u just have have an open mind and expand uer kreative mine. wacko.gif ...(808) state..keep it real. weird.gif
.....................%......................... guess what is that :blink:

On November 26, 2003, Dj Slinky (Puerto Rico) said this:
I think the new shape is great. I also am open to new designs like this and wish everybody would open there minds and get out of the "A turntable needs to be Rectangular shape" mind frame.. I watched the video and I saw Q was actually using the fader on the turntable to skratch with.. Or did I see wrong? thats ridicules! if so I think its great! I also noticed that the turntable has alot of other stuff added to it.. Could all that stuff be effects? Flangers Echos Reverbs and such? if so I think its brilliant Why should a mixer be carrying all the effects when that should be the turntables job. Peace! and thanks for the great images! smile1.gif

On November 26, 2003, Slinky (Again) said this:
Never mind I just peeped what all the other shit wuz..

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