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REVIEW: Denon DN-S3000 CD Deck
REVIEW: Denon DN-S3000 CD Deck
Posted by Gizmo on November 19, 2003 :

With big thanks to Silvio Zeppieri from Denon USA and David Morbey at Denon UK, check out the first of a 3 part review of this baby CD scratch deck.

The review policy of skratchworx is slightly different - we try to give as many skratchworx staffers a chance to give an in-depth review as we can. For instance - in the case of this Denon unit, I've had first bash at it and give a seasoned tablist but newbie CD spinners opinion. Next it's the turn of Deft who is an experienced tablist Denon DN-S5000 user. And finally ProfessorBX will be casting his scratch-techie eye over the deck as well.

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6 comments to this story

On November 20, 2003, Monk-A said this:
Good Review Gizmo!

I find this deck the most promising out o fthe CD/Vinyl Emulatiors currently doing the round.

The EQ point is interesting nevre really thought about that aspect.

Looking forward to Deft and BX's reviews.



On November 20, 2003, Gizmo said this:
I was especially impressed with the amount of punishment I could give the platter. Torque isn't too high but I loved messing around with faderless scratching. It's simply a matter of getting used to it. A useful side effect was that my vinyl scratching has actually improved. Strange but true. 8)

On November 21, 2003, professorbx said this:
There is a reason that Focus put out his 45rpm scratch series......

On November 21, 2003, professorbx said this:
Or should I say 33rpm but 7 inch.

On November 21, 2003, Monk-A said this:
Yup, using a 7 inch record forces you to scratch nearer the centre and train your hand with smaller, preciser, faster movments, ideal for getting drumming good etc...



On November 21, 2003, Deft said this:
Depends on what i'm doing as to where i'll manipulate the vinyl - although i'll be the first to admit i hate scratching at 45rpm - especially on a 7". Still one of my gripes with the Denon to be honest. Even simple rearrangement of scratch sentences seems a nightmare to me at 45rpm.
I don't doubt you could adjust to it eventually, but considering i've spent 5 years scratching at 33rpm i find it a bit hard going.

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