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Posted by Gizmo on September 3, 2018 :

Well looky here – a new post on sw_smilie.png. But there's a good reason for dusting off the old girl, and that's to commemorate 15 years to the day since I made the first post in my journey through DJ journalism. Go sw_smilie.png — it's your birthday.

Wow — I'm sat here, gazing into the old sw_smilie.pngnews interface, and all kinds of memories are flooding back. I'm remembering the processes I went through when deciding to make this site. I'm also recollecting the first time I went around a trade show introducing myself to the industry, and getting brushed off as some guy wanting free stuff.

It didn't take long for skratchworx to establish itself, and hit the ground running. Just two years later, it become my full time gig, and has allowed me to make a living ever since, and in time change the name to DJWORX.

In this time, the DJ industry and media landscape has changed out of all recognition, but DJWORX still leads the way in the written word, and has the most engaged audience out there. Despite out age and rather more traditional approach to content creation, we're still getting the exclusives, and putting out the most valuable work in the industry.

Don't get too excited though — I know some of you hanker for the golden days of skratchworx. But it's more a feeling of being part of that fast moving time when all hell was breaking loose on all technology fronts. Skratchworx definitely won't be coming back though — it was absolutely right for the time, but I'm always moving forward. Trying to relive the past is fraught with danger, and has every chance of ruining the memories from that great time.

So if you were here from the start, and have continued to follow DJWORX, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've allowed me to build something amazing, and to have one hell of a ride too. Maybe in another five years, we can come back here and reminisce all over again.

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