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The Official Word According to Yogafrog
The Official Word According to Yogafrog
Posted by Gizmo on November 5, 2003 :

Official fans and new friends of skratchworx - Yogafrog and QBert - have given us the inside line on the immediate future of the QFO. Yoga says:

"The first 50 QFO handmade prototypes should be complete for production in December time, knowing how things lag, January in time for NAMM show which will be held in Aneheim, California, on January 15-18. We will be showcasing it at the Monster Cable booth as well as the Korg booth where the Vestax area will be.

These 50 will be custom hand made in Japan as a collectors edition prototype, we are working on the colors and exclusive features only found on the first 50. Similar to the first run of 05proLTD that we made when we introduced the reverse switch, which was really rare. But as you know, many copycat versions from other companies came soon thereafter. There's going to be much debate on where and how these 50 will be distributed worldwide.

Also everyone wants to know what QFO stands for. The simple association of the "Q" and similarity to a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is the case. Hence, "QFO".smile.gif

The next 500 pieces should be in production right after possibly in time for Frankfurt's Messe show. A lot of important events are revolved around the trade show circuit as you know. Like NAMM, Messe, Plasa, etc. These 500 I can let you know more info as time rolls by.

NOTE: No further comments are being accepted.
23 comments to this story

On November 5, 2003, Monk-A said this:


I honestly think this is the thing that annoys most people about Thud Rumble products, the amount of hype leading up it.

I'm trying not to be negative, and I have no problem with their products but they arguably never live up to the amount of hype prior to release, not saying that what they get involved in isn't technically good, but I just think their time could be better spent concentrating on the product!

Stanton don't hype stuff like this, neither do Technics, and most of the time neither do Vestax or any other manufacturer i can think, most just put their product press out when it's ready to be tested and then when it's ready for sale.

Has Yoga never heard that silence is a virute? :D



On November 6, 2003, professorbx said this:
While I sort of agree about the hype, you have to understand that this is also the first real product that Thud Rumble is putting out under their own name for the audio market....sure it is a Vestax product, but it is also theirs.....Yoga isn't stupid, he knows that if he doesn't act like Thud Rumble has the biggest balls of them all the QFO may just fall into the niche market. While Yoga can go a little to overboard with his hype sometimes, in a way he has to to make sure that Thud stays on top, in the same way that Nicks maintains this "ultra conceited bastard" persona......once you are at the top, being the strong silent type isn't exactly a luxury.

On November 6, 2003, 18.10 said this:
Fuck you all!
I wanna see the video!

On November 6, 2003, Gizmo said this:
Monk-A - I feel your pain but right now, there's very little news around. Vestax and Thud are more than happy to talk about the QFO whereas other manufacturers either can't or won't give up anything new. Some have been very co-operative with skratchworx (others not so) and while we have info that others don't, we're honour-bound to keep quiet. You don't bite the hand that feeds you right?

It's not through want of trying, but you work with what you've got. And right now, I think skratchworx pretty much has most things that are going down right now. And if we can pull off even 25% of the things we have planned, I think you'll be happy G!

On November 6, 2003, Monk-A said this:
Ez Giz,

sorry mate, didn't mean for that to come accross as a rant at the site i think your doing a great job, no crit's from me on that.

I'm just getting bored with the Thud Hype machine running in the red all the time, I understand what Drew is saying but i don't agree. Products should talk for themselves, if it's good enough to live up to all this hype then it dosen't need all this hype!

It's like those hollywood blockbusters, plenty of hype seldom live up to it.

You comment on Nicks, and he's come through with a product that, if you like it musically or not is recognised as, actually push(ing) the boundaries of tablisim into a new area! Did it warrent the hype before hand, well possibly not.

I'm not saying the hype around the QFO is not unwarranted, i'll reserve judgment on the QFO until it drops, all i'm saying is that THUD RUMBLE as a company seem to concentrate more on hype than quality control, i just think the latter should come first, and the rest will speak for itself!

if that makes sense!



On November 7, 2003, Kap`n KuTT said this:
cant understand you;
I am really happy to get this information;
well i would do *nearly* everything to get one of the first 50 QFO´s
Look at it isnt the QFO beautiful love.gif love.gif love.gif ;D

Yogafrog i clean your house for one Month if i get the chance to have one of them ! :D

On November 7, 2003, Monk-A said this:
Uhhmm! No offence but what information is that exactly?

What do we actually know about the QFO now, that we couldn't figure out from the pic's? that there will be 500?

Maybe i've missed a couple of these but i can't but help wonder:

where's the Technical spec's?
what fader is going to be in it?
how does it work exactly?
what's the pitch?
have there been motor improvments from the PDX ranges?
is there some sort of sound dampner because
of the fader needle being in the same unit?

There seems to be lots of hype but no real info, i'm sure it will come
but until then it's just hype!



On November 7, 2003, Kap`n KuTT said this:
WoW ! weird.gif
u must have alot of fun in your real life blink1.gif
Girl: hey baby wanna come home with me,we will have a great time blink1.gif
Monk: hmm no information... how old are u?
girl: ummm?
Monk: how much do you weigh? and are there some improvements to your sister ?

... smile.gif

nah sure more information is would be good but be happy that we can read something about it;
but i have to say one question is really importent:

the question about the motor,
because in austria u cant really buy a useful pdx 2000 at the moment;
there is a new motor in it;and is wont surive more then 2 months at all:/
some shops dont wanna sell them anymore here,
dunno how its in the rest of the world.
bye the way :u can easy find out what the pitch is if you would have had a look at the older posts about the QFO

On November 7, 2003, Monk-A said this:
" Kap`n KuTT wrote:
Monk: hmm no information... how old are u?

Well in all honesty that's not such a stupid question to ask is it? think about it?

But really, comparing buying a bit of kit to dating a girl is a pretty crap analogy to be honest! So you'll buy the QFO on looks alone will you? wacko.gif

A fool and his money springs to mind! :cry:

" Kap`n KuTT wrote:
u can easy find out what the pitch is if you would have had a look at the older posts about the QFO"

looked! Can't find! as i said though may have missed it, although i actually know about it, it was an example of lack of real technical info on the deck!

Kap'n', I think you are misunderstanding my posts, i'm not saying the information that we are being given by Skratchworx is bad, or this product is going to be bad, far from it! I come here because the best place to find the info IMO is this site, because of Giz, Drew and Deft. What i am saying is that Thud Rumble are only hyping the product rather than giving us hard facts, and they have a history of that!

keep up the good work guys

peace im out


On November 7, 2003, Gizmo said this:
push.gif push.gif push.gif I'm getting a headache... push.gif push.gif push.gif

Kap - I'm pleased you're happy. Makes the hard work worthwhile.

Monk-a - Working on the more info thing in a big way... If anyone will have it, it'll be skratchworx.

On November 7, 2003, Monk-A said this:
I know you are mate, that's why this is the best resource for DJ equipment information on the web!



On November 8, 2003, Deft said this:
Wots-his-name from Vestax said the faders would be PCV, which makes sense. Likewise i would expect the motor to be the one they use from the PDX. I can't see them making huge new efforts for things like that.
I can see it's use and purpose, but like Vestax obviously think - i don't see a great demand for these as you are looking at a niche market within an already small market. Hence the sensible short initial run of them.
Again yeah it's great for Q-Bert, i'm sure it's what he's always wanted - so it's served his purpose. I think Vestax are hoping that whatever is good for Q-Bert is good for all scratch dj's. A dangerous assumption perhaps - we'll have to wait and see.
Still - i'm looking forward to it!

On November 17, 2003, skull said this:
hi everybody, personnaly i think the qfo will be a reference in the future but if those probleme like i hade with my pdx2000 (especially with the motor rotation) i'll prefere honestly the technics, i wont have problemes anymore.
PS: sorry for my english cause i'm from france.
Big Up And keep It Real

On November 19, 2003, Mike Rezendes said this:
All you guys need to stop whining. :P I have the QFO movie. :D Q;'s whole set on the QFO at the skratch tour!!! 25 minutes long. I am sending to Giz now. Should be up soon. The pitch is a sliding thumb control that moves 180 degrees around the platter. THree faders. All 07 faders with curve and reverse on all of them (of course). Dont have any info on the motor spec, but would assume Deft is right about Vestax not coming up with a whole new motor for product that they are going tomake 550 of. This is the second or third time I have heard a problem with PDX 2000 motors. Anybody with a PDX got any infoon their motor. How long have they had it? does it still work? etc... Makes Sense. It Also has the vestax A.S.T.S. technology. I think the cool thing about the QFO is that if you had one QFO in your setup, it would make it WAY more comfortable for two djs to rock one set. Instead of having to be so close together, the person on the QFO could stand totally on the end of the setup. I am getting a QFO in Jan. (yoga promised me). I reccomend that if youwant a QFO to send your request to and If you have the $ when the time comes.. you will most likely get one. Im so stoked toput this footage up. B4 I saw the QFO I wanted the footy so bad, so now I'm hookin you guys up. Im sure you won't get the whole clip (25mins.) but it's okay most of the footage will be on the scratch tour dvd!!!!

On November 20, 2003, nfo said this:
mike or anyone....
how much $$$ is one gonna cost?
i may have to pony up the cash, i don't have much space in my studio!

On November 20, 2003, Gizmo said this:
nfo - rumours are it gonna be hard pushed to come in under $1K. amazed.gif I imagine it will though - supply and demand and all that. The inital one, being hand made, will have a premium price tag though.

On November 20, 2003, skull said this:
for mike, about the problemes that i had with my pdx2000, it starts 3weeks after i bought it, the turntable start's to do a bizare movement and many times it start to turn so fast , i was obliged to turn it off.
now i send it to the store where i did my shop for "reparation", and in a few weeks they gona give it back to me.
that's all but i got a lesson from that : "TECHNICS 4 EVER"


On November 20, 2003, Kper said this:
I got some PDX2000.... been over a year and no major motor problem... there is tho a feeling that everyonce in a while it plays some records faster then it should.
Like two copies of the same record at the same speed, or even with quartz lock on, dont actually sound the same.... But den i have thought it could be down to the wax being fudged rather then the motor...
Hearing about motor problems has got me thinking tho....
Anyone else got any info on that?

On November 20, 2003, skull said this:
i'm not the only person in my city who had this problem i know two dj's whome had thos problem but i think it was a couple of pdx2000 that have this probleme from the factory, it's vestax responsability mad.gif


On November 20, 2003, Mike Rezendes said this:
Im sure that tag will be right @ 1K. 500 for the 07, 400 for the table, throwin a nother hundred... 1,000.00. My friend was going to buy a pdx200 and I am super stoked I convinced him to get a mk2! I guarantee the QFO has the same motor as the pdx200. Also, when you guys get to see the clips, QBERT stops the motor many many times. It makes you think twice aboudt Vestax tables. Maybe it's just because it is the first one and sort of a prototype? But if Q is stopping the motor I don't know about that one......

On November 21, 2003, nfo said this:
i guess i'll have to hang onto my black 1200's and red 05pro limited for now.. unless you guys wanna make me an offer! hehehe

On November 21, 2003, Jay said this:
All I have to say is that I got a close look at it tonight at the Scratch tour show in Boston and it's gonna bring turntablism to a whole nother level. Any of the 3 faders on it can be used as a crossfader with the other two being level controls. So it's perfect if you're left or right handed. Seriously. It makes the Turntable look like the real instrument it is. I hope they decide to make more then 550 of them cause I want one!!

On May 10, 2004, sandy sandman said this:
Man If I could get my hands on that thang I would srcatch like crazee.
It's the funkiest thing I ever saw. It's to bad that it doesn't sell herre in The House of Music, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Ya'll gotta check out how the DJs herre, do their thangs with the vinyls and check em while they behind 1 2 at clubs. Even Tiesto was herre and it's a blast! Herre, turn table is a form of culture and sumbody knows sumbody who scratch. But the worse thing is nobody knows how to get the QFO turn table. QFO is not like other 1 2, it's hot and it's a god among the turn tables. I admit Vestax is better. :P

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