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NAMM 2012: Rane Sixty-One and Two demo
NAMM 2012: Rane Sixty-One and Two demo
Posted by Gizmo on January 27, 2012 :

rane big wiz serato namm 2102 sixty one sixty two 61 62

One of the heavily rumoured and accidentally leaked launched at NAMM 2012 were the new Rane mixers. Yes mixers plural as the baby Sixty-One and Sixty-Two 2 channel mixers were properly uncovered, rather than accidentally appearing on Instagram. We surrounded DJ Big Wiz as he gave us a complete walkthrough both mixers.

This is an interesting demo. Normally, they read much like a spec sheet, but I asked Big Wiz to thrown in some stuff that might not be obvious or apparent. Having owned them for a month, he was able to offer some real experience of both for your viewing pleasure.

I do apologise for the sound. The stand next door was hell bent on making a lot of noise, and of course the Rane stand was perma-busy. I've done what I can without making it into a digital mess. I also haven't got the time to edit 3 views into 1 as taxes take priority. But the 3 way view actually works for me in a 24ish kind of way.

The Rane gallery has also been updated too:

A quick note about the leaked pictures. As I've said before, we hacks sometimes play the industry game of "oooh looky ay what's been leaked", when really it's all properly organised with the manufacturers. But the pictures that appeared on Instagram were in no way official. The single group shot went viral, by which time which time it was too late to do anything. But as it turns out, it created a cool buzz in time for NAMM. Now you know.

Anyway, hope you like it the video and new pictures.

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11 comments to this story

On January 27, 2012, Jam Burglar said this:
Big Wiz broke that down masterfully. Glad to see they kept the channel swap! I was afraid they'd ditch that feature.

Where's the wet/dry on the 62? I know it's there somewhere.

My biggest question is, can you stack the internal effects on the 62 with the effects on your effects loop? I want to be able to feed my normal effects (delay, reverb, etc.) with their wet/dry balance set on mostly dry into my looper pedal on the efx loop, but keep the looper pedal effects on 100% wet so you get the full signal going into your looper

On January 27, 2012, X-ACTO said this:
great video, very informative indeed! thanks sw_smilie.png =)

On January 27, 2012, Dast said this:
He Gizmo, great Video with a very deep look into the new Mixer's. Thanks for that (and of course thanks to Big Wiz too)! Wiz did mention the lower pricing for the Sixty-One compairing to the 57sl. But with all rumers which i get from the net, including a german reseller who has listed the new sixty's for preorder, this would not be the case. Did you have any info about that? It would not make that much sense in my opinion, because with the new sixty's there is not much need for the 57sl and i guess it would be discounted...

On January 27, 2012, DJ Rock Well said this:
Great video and explanation from Big Wiz - Rane really did a thorough job with these mixers... my only reservations are my personal preference for a different brand of DJ software and that I can't afford either of them, but they're clearly my issues not Rane's.

Other manufacturers take note; this is how you build a first class scratch mixer

On January 27, 2012, DJ Rock Well said this:

He might be talking about Rane's original retail prices for the 57 and 61 - in reality, I expect most shops will actually be selling their stocks of 57's for less than the new 61's

On January 27, 2012, Darren E Cowley said this:
Wow, that was a proper explanation, you know i appreciated it more than someone playing with the effects and impressing with the reverb, a proper low down from a proper DJ....

I'm interested in price point and how the midi function works, i dont' need much to be able to assign the bridge sync to either channel and the two sound cards is the absolute bomb.... looking forward to pulling apart the manual but this seems like the solution i was looking for!


On January 27, 2012, serkan said this:
That was hands down the best "inofficial product video" I've ever seen.
With all those stupid guys on those shows that never touched DJ hardware before and this pro who really knows what he's talking about.
I literally soaked up every little information on these mixers but all the sheets, pictures, vids, texts all together was nothing compared to this!

Big props to BIG WIZ!
...and of course the #1 DJ website in the world sw_smilie.png

Still amazed smile.gif

On January 27, 2012, Gizmo said this:
Thanks people. I've become very aware that everyone is doing the same thing these days. We were doing before many of them, but it's always been a matter of shoving a camera into a company guy's face for him to do the same demo 10 times over which usually says little more than the spec sheet.

I want something... more, and this video is a perfect example of that. I have no idea why manufacturers don't shoot a standard trade show style video in considerably better conditions and send it out with their PR so that they can concentrate on the trade element of the show, which is after all what a trade show is for.

On January 28, 2012, Strategy said this:
Perfect explanations and product video! I really dugg it! Oh, and someone, please make a mixer which is as well thoughtout and as perfect for its intended dvs as the 62 is for Serato Scratch Live but for Traktor Scratch Pro 2!!

On January 28, 2012, DJ Quartz said this:
Hey Big Wiz,

What is that R&B track playing in the background when you started about the effect fucntions on the 62.

On February 4, 2012, Knur said this:
Well, I'm dissapointed with these mixers, looks so techno'ish. Still no cut in point adjustment...56 and 57 had a stylish design and these looks something like pioneer techno mixers...I hope the build quality is as good as usual. I expected something better, I wonder how these new knobs feel. Peace!blink1.gif

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