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skratchworx site update
skratchworx site update
Posted by Gizmo on October 16, 2003 :

Right then - time for a progress report. Skratchworx has been live for something a little over 6 weeks now and has taken off beyond my wildest dreams. The PLASA coverage on it's own has got something like 20,000 hits with a steady 1000 hits to the main site per day.

One thing I'm trying to do is allow more feedback, and to this end a guest book has been put in place. Please feel free to drop by and leave your comments or just to say hello. Also and something that has caused me a few internet newbie headaches has been adding a comments facility to the news items. You can now add and view comments made against each news story - something that I'm hoping to add to the rest of the site.

I'm still stopping short of adding a forum as I feel skratchworx has a long way to go before I have the time to moderate such a thing, and there's till many other good ones out there anyway.

The next phase of new additions will be the categories. The first one to get some work will be the mixers section. Skratchworx writer Deft has crafted a quality foreword into the whole topic of mixers, and this will lead into a full comparison table of all the major features of the most popular mixers out there. It's growing so you'll be able to see it take shape.

Lastly - I've revamped the overall image of skratchworx. I hope you like the slightly revised look - it's been done to allow for all sizes of browser windows so that the copy will reflow with the windows. Specifically, it's been rejigged to make the comparison pages look better when the window is resized to full screen. One last facility that's been added is a quick link to all the current skratchworx product pages. It saves wading through a few pages if you're only looking for info on one particular product.

Anyway, that's it for now. Take a look around and holler at me with your comments.

Gizmo 8)

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