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Scouring the pages of skratchworx or indeed the internet in general is all well and good, but wouldn't it be cool if you could stop by some place, poke your head in and ask a question and maybe get an instant answer? Forums are great but there's still a delay. So this live chat room has been set up to allow people to hang out, get some answers and generally build a nice live community across the DJ planet.

Here's the chatbox: to change your name type "/nick " and a name of your choice e.g. /nick ScratchDJ but please read all the information underneath it first:

Let's get chatting

The chat room operates as an IRC channel so it's nice and quick. It lacks all the bells, whistles and associated crap of other messaging services but works with little load on your processor. The window below should log you in automatically after about 30 seconds and you'll have the name "guest#####" . To change this, type "/nick " and whatever your name will be.

Please do this as it's just polite and saves people asking you to do it.

If for some reason, you're not seeing the chat box or are just struggling speed wise, click here for just the chat room in a browser window. Alternatively a non-Java CGI only version is here.

For maximum performance but for the more technically minded an IRC client can be used. We recommend mIRC for Windows or Colloquy for Mac with the following settings:

Port Number: 6667
Join channel/room: #skratchworx

For more information on using IRC, click here.


If you do want to join in the chat or ask questions, it's just polite to change your name so people know who you are. And just like the news section, no crap will be tollerated from anyone. This has been set up as a free service so please treat it and the people inside it with respect. Moderators lurk at all times so step out of line, expect swift justice.

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